Greeting and welcoming people to their Cathedral is an important mission. The manner in which a person is greeted at the door can leave a lasting impression. We want to leave a good lasting impression on all people.

Duties and Responsibilities

as of December, 2011:

  • Sidespeople should be at the Cathedral 30 minutes prior to the service. They should be at the back of the church ready to greet/welcome people as they arrive.
  • Greeting and welcoming people to their Cathedral is an important mission as it is at any place of worship. The manner in which a person is greeted at the door can leave a lasting impression. We want to leave a good lasting impression on all people.
  • Present each person with the “Order of Service” pamphlet and any other information they may require to follow the service of the day. There are large print bulletins for those who are visually impaired and there are hearing devices for those who are hearing impaired.
  • Keep watch for any visitors. You never know who may be coming through the door. It is important that every person be warmly welcomed but, if the person is new to the Cathedral, we should attempt to get their name and, perhaps, have them sign the guest book. They should be offered the chance to be shown around (perhaps after the service) but it would be good to at least let them know where the washrooms are and any other pertinent information to help make them comfortable. Get their names so that this can be passed on to the Dean and offer to have them meet the Dean following the service. We have to remember that all of the above may be a little overpowering for some folk so try to “read” them and use discretion but make them feel welcome.
  • As the service starts, remain behind after the procession goes up the aisle. Ensure that the doors are closed but not locked before taking your seat. It seems lately that we have latecomers so it is best that at least one remain at the back until the gifts and prayers have been taken up and the collection has been done. Sit in the congregation during the Eucharist.
  • During the service attempt to get a count of the people present.
  • Keep watch over the congregation to ensure that all is well.
  • Immediately following the “Peace” make your way to the back of the Cathedral.
  • The “Gifts” of Bread and Wine will be found on the Baptismal Fountain as well as any “Prayers” for people. These should be brought to the front of the Cathedral during the singing of the Offertory Hymn and presented to the Crucifer/Server. You then turn and pick up the Offertory Plates which will now be placed in the front pews (on either side). You then go from front to back, each person to a side, to collect the offerings. Try to guage the length of the hymn and as it nears the final part make your way up the aisle and present the offering to the Crucifer/Server. Take your seat.
  • During regular services the Crucifer leads people up for the Eucharist so that is not regarded as part of the duties of the Sidespeople but…during special services such as Ordinations, Opening and Closing of Synod and other Diocesan services as it may be deemed necessary the Sidespeople will be responsible for leading people up to the communion rail.
  • Following any service the sidespeople should try to ensure that the church pews are left uncluttered by picking up and putting away any bulletins or books that may have been left on the pews. In doing this we may also find articles of clothing, belongings, etc and return them to the rightful owner before they leave the building.
  • Take unused bulletins and place them in the rack just inside the front door of the Cathedral and, at the same time, remove the oldest bulletins from the rack and place them in the recycling box which is by the photocopier near the church office.
  • Check to see that the number of congregants is registered in the Register Book in the Sacristy for that particular service.


You will receive a Service Roster on a regular basis showing when you are scheduled for duty as a sidesperson. If you know ahead of time that there are certain dates that you will be unavailable please let the Secretary know. Otherwise, once scheduled, it becomes your responsibility to be available for your duty days. If, for any reason, you are unable to be present on your day please contact another sidesperson on the list and arrange for your own replacement. One idea would be perhaps to offer to exchange duty days with the person you call.

Thank you for considering offering your service to the Cathedral for this important ministry.
If you’re interested in making this your ministry, please contact Ron Craig.