Growing towards God

Become aware of God’s presence and action in your life.
Growing towards God is an Educational Series run by St. John’s for anyone seeking a deeper relationship with God.

Upcoming Series

Growing Towards God is changing its format this year (2014-2015).  There will not be any Tuesday evening sessions this Fall.  A longer retreat day is planned for later in the Fall. Stay tuned for details.

To be announced.


Previous Series

Water, Wind, Earth and Fire

Nancy portrait smallestSecond Tuesday of the month
September 2013 – May 2014
with Nancy Phillips

Join us in an exploration of the Christian practice of praying with the elements and learn how this practice can enliven our spiritual lives.  Creation itself is a sacred text through which the presence of God is revealed to us.  Using study materials from Christine Valters Paintner’s book:  Water, Wind, Earth and Fire:  The Christian Practice of Praying with the Elements we will cultivate a more contemplative relationship to God through the natural world.

Wind:  Life Breath and Inspiration  September 10
Wind:  Carried by the Wind, God in the Whirlwind  October 8
Fire:  Fire of Illumination, Fire of Purification  November 19 
Fire:  Living Flame of Love; Sun, Moon and Stars  December 10
Water:  Rise and Fall of the Tides, Living Water  January 14
Water:  Holy Wells, Desert Springs and Fountains; Viriditas; Baptism and Blessing  February 11
Earth:  Tree of Life, Holy Mountain  March 11
Earth:  Sacred Garden, Feasting and Communion  April 8
Earth:  Our own earthiness, Earth’s Creatures  May 13

Sessions run from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
For those who wish to come earlier, join us for a brown bag supper at 6 pm.
Coffee and tea provided.

The Cup

Nancy portrait smallestSecond Tuesday of the month
January 8th  – May 14th, 2013
with Nancy Phillips

The cup, as a symbol for our spiritual journey, offers us direction as we search for God’s presence and action in our lives. This contemplative focus alongside the practice and refinement of several spiritual disciplines and will aid us on the important journey inward.

The Cup of life; The Open Cup January 8
The Chipped Cup February 12
The Broken Cup March 12
The Cup of Compassion April 9
The Cup of Blessing May 14

Inner Transformation through the Enneagram

J. SchneiderEvery Second Tuesday of the month
September 11th  – December 11th
with Janelle Schneider

The Enneagram is an ancient symbol which illustrates our journey of spiritual growth. While many limit its interpretation to “personality types”, this study will introduce you to its wealth as a road map for personal transformation.

One Brain or Three?  September 11th
You are Here  October 9th
The Journey of Transformation  November 14th
You’re More Than You Think You Are  December 11th

Introduction to Spirituality

Nancy portrait smallestOctober 25, 2011 – February 7, 2012
with Nancy Phillips, Facilitator

Grow an awareness of your spiritual self and your relationship with God. These sessions will focus on developing tools to help you along the way.

Intro to Spirituality  October 25th
Tools for Listening to God  November 8th
Tools for Deepening Our Experience of God  December 6th
Tools for Responding to God: Reaching In  January 10th
Tools for Responding to God: Reaching Out  February 7th

Deepening our Learning

Nancy portrait smallestJ. SchneiderPotluck and Overview
Tuesday, April 17th, 2012
with Nancy Phillips and Janelle Schneider

This one night class gives an overview of the last series: Introduction to Spirituality with Nancy Phillips and introduces the next series: Inner Transformation through the Enneagram with Janelle Schneider.