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Pastoral Staff

Bishop of Rupert’s Land

The Rt. Rev. Geoffrey Woodcroft

Rector and Dean of Rupert’s Land

The Very Rev. Paul N. Johnson

Honorary Assistant

The Rev. Brian Ford,
The Rev. Canon Henry Falconer,
The Rev. Deacon Gabriel Kwenga

Music Director

Helen Suh


Rector’s Warden

Mary Stanger

People’s Warden

Rick McLeod


Ted Ash
Jennifer Best
The Very Reverend Paul N. Johnson
George Klowak
Laura MacDonald
Ben McGillivary
Rick McLeod
Susan Simpson
Jennifer Small
Mary Stanger

Ministry Leaders

Ministry of Stewardship & Finance / Treasurer

Ted Ash

Ministry of Property Management

Edwin Foidart
James Kacki

Synod Delegates

Lay Delegates to Synod

Ben McGillivary
Rick McLeod
Mary Stanger
Beverley Grobb (alt)
Rene Jamieson (2nd alt)

Church Leaders

Sunday School

Envelope Secretary

Beverley Mudrey

Chancel Guild Chairperson

Leanne Laundriault

Chancel Guild Secretary

Leanne Laundriault

Friendship Circle Convenor