Help Wanted: Painting the John West Hall

How good are you with a paintbrush?

not the artistic variety, but the brush used to paint walls? Volunteers to repaint the walls in the John West Hall on September 4 and 5, so that it’s all fresh and spruced-up for the Selkirk Settlers Bicentenary luncheon following the Service of Thanksgiving on Sunday, September 9. If you have the time and the inclination, we have the drop cloths, the paint and the brushes. Please speak to Roger Stag to offer your services.

In the Neighbourhood: Adventure Day Camp 2012

Christian Programming
for Kids in our Community

Our neighbours at Tabernacle Baptist are having an Adventure Day Camp for the kids in our community, July 30 to August 3! Day Camp activities are free of charge, and all children ages 5 -12 are welcome to attend.

To register or for more details,
see the Adventure Day Camp page of the Tabernacle Baptist website.

Want to help kids in our community
learn more about God?

If you would like to help this project by volunteering your time (or even a plate or two of cookies!) email Bernie or Linda, or call them at 421-4748.

Ministry Opportunity: Annual Flower Planting

Our annual planting of flowers in the cemetery, one of our very important fund raising projects, is scheduled for early June. Please sign up on the clipboard in the narthex.

Planters will need to bring their own trowels, knee pads, gardening gloves and watering cans. Planters might also want to bring a hat and mosquito repellent.  The Cathedral will provide the plants and lunch. We start at 9:30 a.m. and are done before Noon! Hope to see you there! Many hands make light work!

Ministry Opportunity: Supporting Rio+20 Earth Summit in Prayer and Action

Earth Summit: Rio+20

“With hope, audacity and renewed faith, I call on the Anglican Communion around the world to assume their prophetic duty to ‘take care of Creation.”
– Brazilian Primate, the Most Rev. Mauricio Andrade

Rio’s Christ the Redeemer statue: a symbol for Christian support of the UN’s Conference on Sustainable Development.

The Earth Summit, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development will be held in Rio June 13 to 22 to discuss a green economy and an institutional framework for sustainable development. The event will gather leaders from governments, the private sector and NGOs. As Christians, what can we do to participate in Rio+20?

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Ministry Opportunity: Yinka Dene Alliance Freedom Train

The Yinka Dene Alliance is taking a Freedom Train across Canada to enforce their legal ban on the Enbridge Northern Gateway oil pipelines and tankers project, and to stand up for their freedom to choose their own future.

They will be in Winnipeg from May 3-6.

Your Chance to help out!

a message from Liz Williams, St. Michael’s and All Angels

Hello! We are hosting 50 people from BC. Yinka-Dene Alliance Freedom Train I am wondering if you or groups within the diocese are able to give us a hand for our upcoming events next weekend? Please let me know if you are able to help out! And please join us at the events!

Thanks so much,
Liz Williams, St. Michael’s and All Angels

I am in need of:


a few drivers on Thursday night from VIA rail station to HI Hostel downtown, meeting at 8:30 pm – approx. 10:00 pm


food for our community potluck feast on Friday night FOOD We are looking for feasters for Friday May 4th at the Thunderbird House, to welcome the Yinka-Dene Alliance Freedom Train. This is a big potluck to feed lots of people, including our out-of-town guests, so please bring yummy eats to share at 6pm. Food and financial contributions for the event (to cover some equipment rental costs) are greatly appreciated!


Join us for the other exciting events we have planned that weekend, including a panel, rally and water ceremony. Spread the word!

list of events
Freedom Train 2012 website
Freedrom Train on facebook 

Ministry Opportunity: Thelma Wynne Project

Thelma Wynne Project

This is the month we collect baby items for the Thelma Wynne Project which operates out of St. Matthews Church. Volunteers create bundles from all the donated items the project receives and distribute’s these to needy moms. A basket will be set up in the Nave for the next three weeks. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks from the Friendship Circle.

Ministry Opportunity: Sides-People/Greeters


Sunday, March 4
12:30 pm | Meeting of Sides-People/Greeters

We are always looking for men and women to join us in this service, so if you see this as something you may be interested in doing come to the meeting and find out what is involved. Those interested in joining this ministry may also contact Ron Craig. Please try to be present and if you are unable to attend please advise so we can get your input for the meeting.
    find out more about the duties and responsibilities of this position

    Ministry Opportunity: Sides-People / Greeters Meeting

    There will be a meeting of Sides-people / Greeters on Sunday, December 11 at 12:30 P.M. All present Sides-people are requested to be present for this meeting. If there are others who would like to join us in this ministry you are also most welcome to attend.

    Those interested in joining this ministry may also contact Ron Craig in person or contact the Cathedral for his phone number.

    MInistry Opportunity: Choir

    A note from Tom

    Tom Packham, Music Director

    The satisfaction we feel as we do our ministry nourishes us. It is a deeply satisfying expression of our faith.

    As the choir reassembled last Thursday evening, the thought occurred to me that this was just about the most natural thing for this group of people to be doing. While that might sound patently obvious, it also includes a profound sense of collegiality and common purpose occurring in an environment of intense respect and support that is rarely found in life’s experiences. The satisfaction we feel as we do our ministry nourishes us. It is a deeply satisfying expression of our faith.

    So when we extend our constant invitation to all to join us, forgive our zeal. But do give prayerful consideration to the call.

    The commitment is huge:
    35 or so 2-hour rehearsals a year, plus a firm commitment to be in church every Sunday. (Let’s get real: life often gets in the way, but we do our best!) But to those of us involved in this work, we are hooked and we want to share the joy.

    In joyful service,

    Thinking about joining? Here are the details:

    Choir Practice

    Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
    Commitment required
    New members are always welcome. Come and give us a try!