Sir Hugh John Macdonald

Sir Hugh John Macdonald (d.1929, aged 79).

Sir Hugh John Macdonald was the son of Sir John A Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada and the Father of Confederation. Hugh John did much for the growth of Manitoba as a Province and did much for the growth of the Church in Manitoba.

He first came west as a young ensign in the Wolseley Expedition which was sent to repress the Riel rebellion in 1870.  He returned to Winnipeg in 1881, after the death of his first wife.  He served with the Winnipeg Rifles in the 1885 Northwest rebellion, was an MP for Winnipeg, Premier of Manitoba, and was Chief Magistrate of Winnipeg from 1911 until his death. He was known to Winnipeggers as “Our Hugh John”.