Robert Machray

Robert Machray (d.1904. aged 72).

A force to be reckoned with in the history of western Canada, Machray was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1841. An Anglican by choice, he succeeded David Anderson as Bishop of Rupert’s Land in 1865. His term of office lasted for more than 35 years. Machray’s bishopric in Red River was served during tumultuous times – the Riel Rebellion of 1869, the creation of the Province of Manitoba in 1870, the incorporation of the City of Winnipeg in 1873, and the coming of the railroad in 1885. While he was bishop he also served as Headmaster of St. John’s College School, and Warden of St. John’s College (now part of the University of Manitoba), which he also founded. He was Chancellor of the University of Manitoba during his tenure as Bishop. His interest in the welfare of the community in which he lived also led to his founding of community schools, one of which is Machray School on Mountain Avenue. In 1890, Machray became the first Primate of All Canada when the Church of England in Canada was established as a separate Communion, no longer under the direct governance of the Church of England.

The Cathedral has many memorials in his memory.