Lucy Franks

Lucy Franks (d.1847, aged 11), daughter of James Franks.

This is the oldest grave in this cemetery on which the epitaph is still legible. Lucy died in 1817 at the age of 14 years, three years before the arrival of John West, the first Protestant minister in Western Canada.

Despite the fact that her gravestone indicates that she died in 1817, historians maintain the style of the headstone is of a period much later than 1817.  One theory has it that an enthusiastic member of the Cathedral, while cleaning and refurbishing stones, mistook the 4 in 1847 for a 1 and incised the date incorrectly. According to Cathedral records, Lucy Franks died in 1847, and may well have been a victim of one of the cholera outbreaks that assailed the colony in the late 1840s.