Diocese of Rupert’s Land Service of Ordination on All Souls Day

Wednesday, 2 November 202
All Souls Day,
7 p.m. at St. John’s Cathedral
135 Anderson Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ordained Priests, The Rev. Deacons
Lois Graham (All Saints, Whytewold),
Cathie Clow (Fairford Group),
Paul Peters Derry (st. benedict’s table)

Presider, The Rt. Rev. Geoffrey Woodcroft
Dean, The Very Rev. Paul N. Johnson
Bishop’s Chaplain, The Rev. Patricia Ferris
Preacher, The Rev. Canon Jennifer Sisson
Acknowledgment of the Land The Rev. Vincent Solomon
First Reading The Rev. Deacon Marline Wruck
Second Reading The Rev. Rachel Twigg Boyce
Gospel Reading The Rev. Jamie Howison
Deacon at the Altar, The Rev. Deacon Matthew Bowman
Litanist, Ms. Sandra Bender
Organ, Helen Suh

Communion Assistants:
Ann LaRue
Brandi Walder
Marigold Peters
Susan Roe-Finlay

Camera, The Rev. Brian Ford
Sound, Mr. Peter Moodie
Sidespersons, Ben McGillivary, Cheryl Barber

The offering is designated for Urban Indigenous Ministry Development. Please make your cheques payable to “The Diocese of Rupert’s Land.”