November 28, 8 am to November 29, 8 am or ANY PERIOD of time in between

Dear Friends in Christ,
As the earth continues to groan in labour pains, the Spirit sighs too deeply for words, we ourselves lament. We have experienced loss and bewilderment through the past 9 months, and we are yearning to see clear paths before us. N.T.Wright, in God and the Pandemic, urges the Church to fully grasp our lament, our sighs too deep for words, to rise with them in compassion, to be the One Body of Christ engaging in God’s earthly mission. We have been prepared in worship, fellowship and mutual affect in the presence of God to be active disciples as covenanted in our Baptism.
Yours in Christ,
Bishop Geoff

The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer is grateful to join Bishop Geoff in calling the Diocese to join together as one in this Prayer Vigil to pray for a vaccine for COVID-19, a stop to the spread of this virus, wisdom for political and medical leaders, courage and protection for people in health care, comfort and healing to the afflicted and the families of those who have died, and God’s peace for all.  Jesus said, “Watch and pray”.  The dictionary affirms vigil means “watchfulness” and scripture confirms that power is released through concerted prayer.  A vigil is a period of keeping awake and watchful, especially during a time that is often spent asleep.  On the eve of the first Sunday in Advent we begin a time of waiting.  We are not able to gather in our parishes to wait, watch and pray, so we invite people to a vigil of prayer for a period of time in their own homes.  Parishes, prayer groups or any group of believers may set up a schedule for a period of time that may or may not include the night hours.  You may simply invite the parish into a time of prayer for a time period that works for you, and let parishioners decide on their own when they dedicate an hour to pray within that time frame. 
You will already have resources but we have attached prayer vigil resources to assist you in this diocesan prayer vigil:
    •   Prayers that may be used;
    •   An example of a simple rotation if you wish to use it or change it to suit your vigil;
    •   Information on fasting if people choose to make this part of their vigil. 
We would be grateful to hear what action is taking place in your parish or prayer group. If you have any questions you may contact Diane Guilford at dguilford12@hotmail.com.
I pray God’s blessing on all of us as individuals and parishes, as we come together as one in prayer, before our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 
Rev. Diane Guilford, Diocesan Representative
Anglican Fellowship of Prayer