Stewardship, a way of life…

Stewardship, sharing the gifts we have been given


My name is Carol Huddlestone Ingimundson Craig (AKA) Carol Ingimundson.

I started out at church as a young 5 year old attending Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. I was sent to church (not taken) by my mother. My learning started here, in these settings.

I attended a United Church, encouraged by friends, where I went to Sunday School and Canadian Girls in Training (C.G.I.T.). I was very active in this group where, because of my participation I won scholarships to attend camp. I learned so much about Jesus and the Bible there. I loved all the learning.

When I was about 14 years old (1958) my neighbours, Bob and Fran Sutton, asked me if I would like to come to St. John’s Cathedral and join the choir. They knew of my love of music and singing. I loved learning and singing Church music. This was my start! I was so excited to attend and participate. I loved the liturgy and the music.

I attended faithfully. Morning, evening, choir practices and special services. I even attended mid-week services before school. I walked from East Kildonan to the Cathedral and back. Church was my life! I had, during this time, thought about joining the Anglican Sisters of St. John the Divine.

I eventually became a baptized member of St. John’s Cathedral (1960) with Bob and Fran Sutton as my sponsors. Soon after this I attended confirmation classes and was confirmed (1962).

I have a long history with St. John’s Cathedral. I was engaged to my first husband here during the Christmas Eve Service in 1963 and was married here in 1964. My husband and I had 3 children who were baptized and confirmed at St. John’s and our 2 sons attended St. John’s Cathedral Boys’ School.

I moved away from Winnipeg for several years but would make every effort to attend when I was in the city. I missed my church! I attended a Lutheran Church in Arborg, Manitoba. I even attended Bible studies and classes thinking I may change my membership but my heart was always with St. John’s and I knew someday I would return.

In 2002 my husband died. I moved back to the city later that year and returned to St. John’s. Janice Osborne (the Dean’s wife)  invited me to attend Bible Study in their home. I was apprehensive when I saw some of the attendees who were bible scholars. I felt I knew very little by comparison but I was encouraged by my old friend, Rev. Ann Goodwin. The group there were so friendly and supported me with my recent loss. I felt “back at home”.

I attended for awhile as a member of the congregation but knew in my heart I wanted to do more to serve my church and my God. I rejoined the choir but it did not feel the right fit for me. I asked the Dean (Bob Osborne) if I might take training as a Server. Under the guidance and training of Roger Stagg I felt I found my calling. I loved doing this service in the church. I felt that I was really serving God by assisting at the Lord’s Table. I also attended Bible Studies and Lenten Studies.

During a Lenten Study in 2005 I met my beloved, Ron Craig. He was a Warden in another Anglican church but decided to join the Cathedral Lenten group that year. We were both widowed and found that we had much in common and shared much (other than was being taught at the study). We were married in a wonderful Cathedral ceremony in 2006 with family, friends and Church families from both St. John’s and St. Alban’s (Ron’s Church) present.

I joined the Ladies’ Friendship Circle. This is such a wonderful group of women who have become dear friends. We pray, laugh, share. As I am a poor knitter I was chosen as the Secretary.

I also serve on the Altar Guild along with Ron, and Ruth Boyes. We are a team of 3. The duties of the Altar Guild members consist of setting up the vessels and preparing the Lord’s Table for Holy Communion. We polish the vessels and tidy pews. We change the linens/hangings according to the church calendar. We also wrap and distribute the Altar Flowers on a weekly basis. This is not a complete list of Altar Guild duties but, perhaps,enough to give some idea of the importance of the Altar Guild. We also meet as a Group at least twice per year to do a complete church cleaning and at one of these meetings we make Palm crosses for Palm Sunday.


I think, at this time, the most rewarding part of my work for the church is my part on the Pastoral Care team for the Church. Ron and I (as a team) visit the sick and shut-in in their homes or hospital or nursing home. We visit and share with them what is happening @ St. John’s and discuss any other topic they may find important their life and we bring them the sacrament of Holy Communion. We also try to keep in contact with these people with phone calls between visits. We are generally well received.

As part of my ministry outside of St. John’s I try to be a friend to many I meet. I talk about St. John’s Cathedral and try to tell what the church and God has done for me if they will listen. I support a variety of charities in the city and abroad.

Since the summer of 2014 I have been less able to help out due to health concerns but I try and I do love the Cathedral and the Cathedral family.

My hope for my community, church and otherwise is to have people of different backgrounds have a peaceful life and show more love and friendship.

My motto for life is: Love God. Respect and Love others.