By the numbers… Christians in the Holy Land

Old City and New

0.6 per cent of the world’s 2.2 billion Christians live in the Middle East and North Africa; they make up 4 per cent of the region’s total population, down 20 per cent from a century ago.

93 per cent of the population of the Middle East and North Africa is Muslim; 1.6 per cent is Jewish.

80 per cent of Christians in Israel are Arab-born.

84 per cent of Christian Arabs live in northern Israel, including Haifa.

161,000 Christians, who are permanent residents of Israel, constitute 2.1 per cent of the entire population.

9.5 per cent reside in Jerusalem.

38.8 per cent of non-Christian Arabs live in the Tel Aviv district.

34.4 per cent of non-Christians reside in northern Israel and in Haifa.

22,400 Christians live in Nazareth.

11,900 Christians live in Jerusalem.

3,400 non-Arab Christians live in Haifa.

3,100 non-Arab Christians live in Tel Aviv.

2,900 non-Arab Christians live in Jerusalem.

10.3 per cent of Christians living in Israel are age 65 and older.

Source:  Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life; Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, 2013