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Monday, 23 December 2013

Pray for family members who are still missing in the war zone

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 “I haven’t talked to my brother and sister’s  families for the last three days. They were displaced from Bor town which is now under the control of the rebels. I keep trying  all the phones I have but no phone is going through. Also, I cannot reach my other relatives in Twic East  County to ask them for information of the whereabouts of  my family members. May be all the network systems  are disconnected…


“I [hope] my relatives are in hiding and not dead.   It’s a  tough time for people whose relatives live in Jonglei. One of the people who escaped  from there  through River Nile said there is  no food  water and medication for people trapped in the war zone. Most of the people who were displaced in Bor town are still in the bush and some are taking refuge at  UN compound. All are in   a dire condition.”