From the Dean’s Desk…

Baptism of JesusAnd a voice came from heaven, ‘You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.’       Luke 3:22b

We had two good weeks away, time to be with family in Washington (the real one, just south of BC) and Minnesota, to see friends, to rest and relax and read, thanks be to God.  We arrived home safely on Thursday night before freezing rain and then blizzard.  I spent a little time here in the office yesterday, Friday, and then in the evening went to the Bishop’s annual Twelfth Night Dinner, always a pleasant event.

Today, Saturday, I spent some time at home in the morning, then went to St. Boniface Hospital to see an ailing parishioner, and then came back here to finish up the sermon for tomorrow.  A couple more things to do to finish getting ready for tomorrow, so I took a little break and did some browsing on Facebook,  where I came across this little piece, with its wonderful accompanying image (above).  I couldn’t resist sharing it, especially as they seem to agree with what I want to say tomorrow!  See you in church?

“This weekend as we celebrate Jesus’ baptism, we remember it as the moment when he embraces his humanity, figuratively getting into the pool with us. We also remember our own baptism when we get into the pool with him to be immersed in his life.”

Catholic News Service, “Word to Life” series on Sunday’s readings, The Baptism of Our Lord.