From the Dean’s Desk…

What is a Sacred Circle anyhow?

And a Diocesan Sacred Circle at that?
On Saturday, a week ago, it was my privilege and my joy to participate in this year’s Diocesan Sacred Circle at the Old Stone Church of St. Peter, north of Selkirk, on the east side of the Red River, where Chief Peguis and his people originally lived.

Our emcee for the day was Tina Keeper (Yes, that Tina Keeper), daughter of the Rev. Canon Dr. Phyllis Keeper, who was our preacher for the afternoon Eucharist.  Phyllis glows with the presence of Christ.

The Rt. Rev. Mark MacDonald, National Indigenous Anglican Bishop, was our preacher for morning worship, and participated in several ways throughout the day.  He honoured us with a big part of his personal journey of faith; he is a leader of great integrity who lives his discipleship with great clarity.

Honoured that day were a number of residential school survivors, including the Rev. Canon Barry Bear and his wife and partner in ministry, Freda, who is also an Elder.  The theme of the day was reconciliation, and Christ the Reconciler was evident throughout.  At the end of the day’s holy business we shared in the Feast of Reconciliation, at the Table of the Lord Jesus, with Bishop Don presiding.

Then, to end our amazing day together, we shared in a feast feast, in Christian parlance, the Love Feast.  I have never eaten so much pickerel (Walleye to our American friends…) in my life.  What joy, what bliss!  Thanks be to God!  And thanks very much to the Rev. Canon Dr. Murray Still, and everyone who made the Sacred Circle a reality.

Kinanâskomitinawaw.  Miigwech.  Mahsi’ choo.  Ahéhee’.