From the Dean’s Desk… Sunday, June 17

It’s been a wonderful week on the Winnipeg River.

Actually, it’s only been a couple of days so far, and we come home on Friday, but it’s been and is a real blessing.  All the clerics — priests and deacons — of Rupert’s Land are here at Pinawa for the annual Residential Study Conference, this year along with all the professional leaders — pastors, diaconal ministers, youth ministers — of the ELCIC Manitoba Northwestern Ontario Synod, and we are having a splendid week together, living out the reality of our Waterloo relationship, Full Communion.

The presenter, who has now shared six of his seven sessions with us, the Rev. Dr David Lose of Luther Seminary in St. Paul, has been lively, engaging, and challenging, has blessed us with hearty grist for the conversational mills, in one way or another talking about the importance of story in our life of faith, especially THE story which brings us all together in Christ.

We have enjoyed morning and evening prayer in both the Anglican and the Lutheran traditions, great conversation around meals together, and even times in a canoe, celebrating the beauty of God’s good creation in the garden entrusted to us, this spectacular garden we call Earth.

Despite our occcasional frustrations, our real questions, and our sometimes weariness, it’s good to realize againt that the church is the body of Christ, and, as such, belongs to Christ, not to us. Our communion is real, and this week, as Anglicans and Lutherans together in a new way, we are living it up, giving thanks to God for yet another gift.  I am so grateful to Christ and his calling, to me, for sure, but to all of us, a baptismal vocation, or calling, which transcends our petty labels.  Amazing grace.

Thanks be to God!