Around Rupert’s Land: Sacred Circle

Homecoming: “Lighting the Home Fires”

June 15 and 16, 2012
St. Peter, Dynevor Anglican Church
Stone Church Road off St. Peter’s Road, East Selkirk

Sacred Circles

Sacred Circles are deliberate gatherings of people intent on being with the Creator to forge community and find common direction. Indigenous experiences of colonization and Residential Schools has led to a need for healing and reconciliation. This Sacred Circle will bring together Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of all ages to create an atmosphere of home and health and healing.

St. Peter, Dynevor Anglican Church has been home to two Sacred Circles.

Keynote Speaker

Mark MacDonald has served as the first National Indigenous Anglican Bishop since 2007. He was educated at Wycliffe College and traces some of his family heritage to Manitoba. Bishop Mark has travelled extensively across Canada, assisting Indigenous people in their journey of self-determination, healing and reconciliation.

Married on Nov. 11, 1989, Mark and his wife, Virginia Sha Lynn, have three children.

For an agenda, more information and to register,
download the Sacred Circle brochure.