From the Dean’s Desk: Moving from Dreams & Visions to Plans & Priorities

post·pone: pōstˈpōn
verb (used with object), post·poned, post·pon·ing.
1.  to put off to a later time; defer.
2.  to place after in order of importance or estimation.

What exactly is put off to a later time?  What has been deferred?
What has been reordered on the calendar because of its importance?

Moving from Dreams & Visions
to Plans & Priorities

I am glad, indeed thankful, that six people had signed up along with me to be here next Saturday, 12 May, but this event is far too important go ahead with such small numbers.  So, postponed it is.  My prayer is that, after a better effort on publicity and communication on my part, with help from my friends on Vestry, that we will have at least, at minimum, forty people together for the day.  I’d like even more, but I will pray for at least forty.  Please join me in that prayer.

every voice in this Cathedral Parish
is important

You see, every voice in this Cathedral Parish is important. Young, old, everyone at all points of the journey, male, female, long-time members, new folks, we all need to listen to and hear one another, as we work to focus and refine our dreams and visions and remold into plans and priorities for our future together.

Most importantly, we need to work as one to hear what the Spirit is saying to this church we call St John’s, as a faith community, but also as Cathedral which is a church for all in the Diocese, and, we hope and pray, for more and more within the community in which we are placed.

Will this parish and this Cathedral wither and perish or will it thrive as a missional centre?  I know the future which God has in store for us.  But we have to go there together, all of us, not just a few of us.  Your voice — yes, you — is important.  You also need to hear — yep, you — the voices of your sisters and brothers in this parish as we seek to follow our Risen Lord Jesus Christ into God’s future for St. John’s Cathedral.

Your ears are needed, your voice too, and your presence essential.

So, stay tuned…  Postponed (Remember postponed?) does not mean cancelled! Look for much more information over the summer; maybe expect a phone call, perhaps even a request for help in some way.  Our future as a community of disciples sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and deed is something we need to discern together, all of us, together listening and hearing what the Spirit is saying to us.  Your ears are needed, your voice too, and your presence essential. We’ll be back! Thanks be to God.