Teaching our Children: Why did people want to kill Jesus?

We’ve been careful to teach our kids that Jesus loves each and every one of us, but then when Lent comes, how do we go on to explain why so many people wanted him dead?

Anglican Virtual Church School lesson writer, Fiona Brownlee challenges us to tell our children the whole truth about Jesus:

“I think we need to be honest with our children. I think we need to give them the whole story of Jesus. Not just the parts that make us comfortable.

Jesus during his ministry made many people uncomfortable. He made the religious leadership uncomfortable. He made the political leaders uncomfortable. I think if he visited one of our parishes he would make us uncomfortable as well.

Children need to know that Jesus made and continues to make people uncomfortable. For some in Jesus’ day this discomfort turned into fear and they thought the only way to deal with it was to put him to death.”

– Fiona Brownlee

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