Please Pray: Search for Nathanael

Please Pray

An urgent message from Susan Suppes: Jack Risk has asked for your prayers for their youngest son, Nathaneal (Nat) who was winter camping in Quebec and has not checked in with family or friends for several days. A search is in progress. Please also uphold Jack and Chris. 

January 9th Update:

The following message was received today – Jan 9  – from Jack Risk in response to my inquiry if there had been any news:

“Several people have sent kind messages of support for which we are very thankful. There has been no news about our son, Nathanael, and no indication of him since 28-Dec.

The air search in the Gatineau Hills was called off last week. Ground searches continue and the police and others are making every effort to discover Nat’s whereabouts.

We continue to hope that he will turn up alive but are also dealing with the increasing likelihood of the alternative. Please, continue to hold Nat in your prayers.” Jack Risk and Chris Willette

As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time… keep praying, please.