Choir News: New Rehearsal Time

Sunday Morning Choir Rehearsal

In recent weeks, the choir has been experimenting with a new rehearsal time. We have been meeting at 9:00 on Sunday mornings to prepare for the current service and to rehearse anthems for upcoming services. The consensus is that this has been quite successful and we plan to continue to organize our work this way for the foreseeable future. The result for choir members has been a more efficient use of time that makes the commitment significantly more manageable.

It is our hope that this reorganization might be attractive to gifted members of the congregation for whom the Thursday evening rehearsal was a problem. Please give the choir your prayerful consideration. Perhaps you might give it a try until Christmas. (We are already busy preparing the music for Advent and Christmas!)

If you have any questions; speak to Tom or any choir member. We are all anxious to have more people with us. All ages and levels of musical expertise are most welcome.

In service,