Rupert’s Land: Letter from the Archbishop

The Primate, Archbishop Fred Hiltz, has expressed his concern and care for people affected by flooding in Manitoba. In letters to the dioceses of Brandon and Rupert’s Land, the Primate assured all those coping with floods that the prayers of Canadian Anglicans are with them.

To the bishop, clergy and people of the diocese of Rupert’s land,

With great concern your brothers and sisters across our beloved Church continue to follow the news of extreme flooding in southern Manitoba and the efforts to control it. We are moved by the spirit of cooperation with which everyone is working together – government services, emergency measures organizations, and neighbours helping neighbours. We are also moved by the sacrifice so many are prepared to make in allowing their homes and lands to be flooded so that so many others may be spared.

I assure you of our prayers for those so deeply affected by the flooding, those for whom the impact presses upon their very livelihood, and those who are providing relief, support and pastoral care in the midst of this situation.

In this expression of care and assurance of prayer, I speak for our entire Church. May our love, one for another, be a source of encouragement and hope at this time.

In Christ, I am,
Sincerely yours,
Fred J. Hiltz