Readings & Prayers: March 27 – April 2, 2011

“Lord, you are indeed the Saviour of the world. Give us living water, that we may not thirst.”

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Daily Readings
Next Sunday’s Readings
In Our Prayers

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This Sunday’s Readings

Third Sunday in Lent
March 27, 2011

Exodus 17.1-7
Psalm 95
Romans 5.1-11
John 4.5-42

Daily Readings

Week of the Third Sunday of Lent
March 27 – April 2, 2011


AM Psalm 9396; PM Psalm 34
Jer. 6:9-151 Cor. 6:12-20Mark 5:1-20


AM Psalm 80; PM Psalm 77, [79]
Jer. 7:1-15Rom. 4:1-12John 7:14-36


AM Psalm 78:1-39; PM Psalm 78:40-72
Jer. 7:21-34Rom. 4:13-25John 7:37-52


AM Psalm 119:97-120; PM Psalm 8182
Jer. 8:18-9:6Rom. 5:1-11John 8:12-20


AM Psalm [83or 4243; PM Psalm 8586
Jer. 10:11-24Rom. 5:12-21John 8:21-32


AM Psalm 95[*] & 88; PM Psalm 9192
Jer. 11:1-8,14-20Rom. 6:1-11John 8:33-47


AM Psalm 8790; PM Psalm 136
Jer. 13:1-11Rom. 6:12-23John 8:47-59

Next Sunday’s Readings

Forth Sunday in Lent
April 3, 2011

1 Samuel 16.1-13
Psalm 23
Ephesians 5.8-14
John 9.1-41

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In our prayers

In the Anglican Communion world-wide, we give thanks and pray for the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Rev. Rowan Williams; and for the Diocese of Mombasa  (Kenya), The Rt Rev Julius Robert Katio Kalu.

In the Anglican Church of Canada, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, and the Diocese of Rupert’s Land we pray for:

all Bishops, diocesan leaders (lay & ordained), throughout Canada, especially:

  • Our Primate, Fred Hiltz and General Synod Staff
  • Our National Indigenous Bishop, Mark MacDonald
  • Our Metropolitan, David Ashdown
  • Our Bishop, Donald Phillips and his wife Nancy
  • ELCIC National Bishop, Susan Johnson
  • ELCIC Manitoba & North-Western Ontario Bishop, Elaine Sauer
  • ELCIC Dean, Council and Congregations of the CambrianConference of the Manitoba-Northwestern Ontario Synod.
  • Bishop Jackson Matovu and his wife Perusi of our Companion Diocese of Central Buganda

our congregations and communities, especially:

  • Those who minister as Lay Readers and Lay Administrants in the Diocese
  • Those being confirmed at Church of the Good Shepherd
  • The leaders, the team and the candidates for Teens Encounter Christ 13 in the Diocese of Brandon

St John’s Prayer List

We invite you to take Sunday’s bulletin home with you and to pray for the persons on St. John’s Prayer List in your devotions.