The Cathedral Chronicle, March 20, 2011

Dates to Remember

Thursday, March 24th

Noon | Friendship Circle

Friday, March 25th

9 a.m.| Sewing of Choir gown scapulas
10 a.m. | Bible Study
7–9 p.m. | Baptism Preparation

Saturday, March 26th

10 a.m. – 3 p.m. | Baptism Preparation

Choir Gown Scapulas

The sewing of choir gown scapulas takes place in the choir room on Fridays at 9 a.m. Please join us if you are able to help out. Many hands make light work!

Coffee Time

We are still looking for volunteers to donate baking for our coffee time after the 10:30 a.m. service on Sunday. Thank you so much to those who have made baking contributions!

Weekly Announcements

Any congregation member who wishes to have an announcement made on a Sunday is asked to give a written copy of the announcement to Canon Condo at least fifteen minutes prior to the service. Canon Condo will, in turn, make these announcements each week prior to the start of the Sunday service.

St John’s Prayer List

We invite you to take Sunday’s bulletin home with you and to pray for the persons on St. John’s Prayer List in your devotions.


In Matthew 17:1-9 we read of the Transfiguration. Peter says to Jesus that, “it is good for us to be here”. Do you ever wonder why there were not more disciples on the mountain that day? Could it be that they were too busy! Stewardship means that we are accountable for the use of all our gifts, including the gift of each day, our time. Once we spend our time we can not get it back. How do you steward your time? Peter, James and John took the time to be with Jesus and were rewarded. It was good for them to be there! Stewardship Office, The Archdiocese of Winnipeg,

New Parish Librarian

We are pleased to announce that Ian Stewart has kindly offered to serve as our Parish Librarian.

Easter Flower Sale

The Men’s Club at St. Barnabas Anglican Church will hold an annual Easter flower sale. Please see the sign up information sheet on the periaktoi at the back of the church. Delivery of flowers to our parish would occur between April 13th and 16th.

Periaktoi News

Be sure to check the periaktoi at the back of the church for current information announcements which may be of interest to you. You may also wish to check the Diocesan website:

Prayer Circle

Cathedral members are reminded that an email Prayer Circle operates from the Cathedral.
learn more about the Prayer Circle
make a prayer request

St John’s Cathedral – Verger Position

The St. John’s Cathedral Verger position is an honorarium based position with part time hours. more information