The Cathedral Chronicle, February 6, 2011

dates to remember…

Sunday Feb 6 12:30 p.m. | Parish Meeting
Thursday Feb 10 Noon | Friendship Circle
Friday Feb 11 10 a.m. | Bible Study
Sunday Feb 13 12:30 p.m. | Parish Meeting
Sunday Feb 27 12:30 p.m. | Annual Meeting
Sunday Mar 6 12:30 p.m. | Parish Meeting

Annual meeting reports…

We ask that all annual reports be given to Shirley in the Cathedral office by Tuesday, February 8th!

  • Wardens’ Report
  • Music Ministry Report
  • Christian Education Report
  • Altar Guild Report
  • Care & Nurture Committee Report
  • Cathedral Friendship Circle Report
  • Pastoral Care Report
  • Sacristan’s Report
  • Building & Cemetery Maintenance Report
  • Treasurer’s Report

nominating committee…

In preparation for our Annual General Meeting scheduled for Sunday, February 27th, a Nominating Committee has been selected and is made up of Vic Janzen, June Rampersad, and Roger Stagg. There are a few openings on Vestry. Please speak to one of the above persons if you yourself are interested in serving on Vestry or if you would like to nominate someone else who might be interested.

the thelma wynne project…

It’s layette time again! The Thelma Wynne Project supplies layettes for needy new mothers in our city. For this very important and necessary outreach there is a great need for new baby clothes, baby toiletries – or cash donations if you so wish. During the month of February there will be a basket at the foot of the font to receive your much appreciated donations. Thank you!

forward day by day…

The February – April issue of the daily devotional booklet, Forward Day by Day, is now available on the literature rack in the tower entrance. You are welcome to pick up a copy of either the regular or the large print edition.

Form of notice…

Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the parishioners of the Parish of St. John’s Cathedral will be held in the John West Hall on the 27th day of February A.D. 2011 at 12:30  in the afternoon at which time and place all members signing the Declaration of Church Membership and who are of the full age of 16 years are entitled to attend and to vote. Dated February 3, 2011 – The Rev. Canon Richard Condo, Convenor

weekly announcements…

Any congregation member who wishes to have an announcement made on a Sunday is asked to give a written copy of the announcement to Canon Condo at least fifteen minutes prior to the service. Canon Condo will, in turn, make these announcements each week prior to the start of the Sunday service.

cathedral website…

Just a reminder that there is a new website for St. John’s:
Updated weekly, the site features the Cathedral Chronicle, updates, articles, and info. Links to upcoming events and next Sunday’s readings are available on the right side menu. Stay updated! Subscribe with the Email Subscription available on the left side menu.

coffee time…

We are still looking for volunteers to donate baking for our coffee time after the 10:30 a.m. service on Sunday. Thank you so much to those who have made baking contributions!

Lenten project…

Amnesty International invites you to take on a Lenten Project. Lent begins soon. During Lent we prepare ourselves for Holy Week, when Jesus was tortured and killed. Many people in this world are, at this very time, suffering a similar fate. We invite you to write letters, emails, faxes on behalf of those who are suffering injustice, torture, and facing the possibility of death. Amnesty can provide you each week with suggestions for the letters you should be writing – or you can choose your own letters from If you do not have experience in letter writing for Amnesty, an Amnesty Letter Writing Circle will be meeting on Tuesday, March 1st at 27 Dundurn St. (off Maryland between Westminster and Wolseley) 7 – 9 p.m. You would be welcome to join us. If this is not convenient, please contact Tom Collings at 772-2892.

St john’s prayer list…

We invite you to take Sunday’s bulletin home with you and to pray for the persons on St. John’s Prayer List in your devotions.

Prayer Circle…

Cathedral members are reminded that an email Prayer Circle operates from the Cathedral.

learn more about the Prayer Circle
make a prayer request

Periaktoi news…

Be sure to check the periaktoi at the back of the church for current information announcements which may be of interest to you.

Main Street Corridor events…

Mondays 7 p.m. Mondays at St. Anne’s Bible Study on “The Gospel of Matthew” using the two book series by Tom Wright entitled “Matthew for Everyone”.