Ministry Opportunity: Lenten project

Amnesty International invites you to take on a Lenten Project. Lent begins soon. During Lent we prepare ourselves for Holy Week, when Jesus was tortured and killed. Many people in this world are, at this very time, suffering a similar fate.

We invite you to write letters, emails, faxes on behalf of those who are suffering injustice, torture, and facing the possibility of death. Amnesty can provide you each week with suggestions for the letters you should be writing – or you can choose your own letters from

If you do not have experience in letter writing for Amnesty, an Amnesty Letter Writing Circle will be meeting on Tuesday, March 1st at 27 Dundurn St. (off Maryland between Westminster and Wolseley) 7 – 9 p.m. You would be welcome to join us. If this is not convenient, please contact Tom Collings at 772-2892.