What is a Periaktoi anyway?

Ever wonder what a Periaktoi is? Actually, you would be more correct in asking what they are. Periaktoi (from the Greek revolving) is the plural form of Periaktos.

So what are they? According to wiki, a Periaktos is a revolving solid isosceles triangular prism made of wood used in theatre since 14 BC to display and rapidly change scenes. On each of its three faces, a different scene is painted, so that, by quickly revolving the periaktos, another face can appear to the audience. Nowadays, this concept is used in modern tri-faced multi-message billboards, which is what we use them for here at St. John’s.

So, as we say every week in the bulletin, be sure to check the periaktoi (wooden triangular prism billboards) at the back of the church for current information announcements which may be of interest to you.