From the Bishop: Focusing on the needs in our Diocese

Are we being called to minister to the needs of our Diocese?

This coming Sunday, we are reading from a passage in Isaiah. In his address to the 2010 diocesan synod, Bishop Donald Phillips uses this passage to introduce three important ministry needs here in Rupert’s Land:

“In the middle section of Isaiah, the author speaks on several occasions of One who is sent from God who, through his service, will save Israel. Matthew, in his Gospel, makes the connection between Jesus and this Servant of God and, quoting Isaiah, says of Jesus, “He will not break a bruised reed or quench a smouldering wick until he brings justice to victory” (Matthew 12:20). I want to highlight some of the fragile organisms in our midst – so that we are careful to give them the nurture and care they urgently need.”

The bishop then specifies three of these “fragile organisms” that desperately need our immediate attention.

At this time of transition, we not only need to look at the needs of our own church, but that of the greater Anglican community that we are a part of. To know more about the specific needs in our diocese, read the full address from the Bishop.