The Website

What is going on with our website?

You might notice that our church has a new website. We wanted a website that is easier to update so we can keep you informed with the current news and events at our church. Plus, now we’ll have a searchable site, email updates if you want them, and everything is automatically archived.

We’re still working out the kinks, so bear with us.
We hope you like it so far!

Attention Ministry Teams!

If you have a ministry here at St. John’s, you can have a Ministry page on the website where you can let us know what your team is up to!

What should be on your Ministry Team page:

  • What’s the mission of the ministry?
  • How has the ministry team put that mission into action?
  • How can we support the ministry team through prayer, service and giving?
  • List of members, or the “go to” person of your team.

… and be sure to send us the list and dates of your Ministry News & Upcoming Events.

Feel free to send pictures of your ministry team at work!

If you have a St. John’s ministry and want to know more about how to put this site to work for you, let us know.