St. John’s Cathedral Now a Provincial Heritage Site

In September, 2004, St. John’s was designated as a Heritage Site by the Hon. Eric Robinson, Manitoba Minister of Culture, Heritage and Tourism. The historical designation covers both the Cathedral and the surrounding cemetery, which predates the parish. The Parish was founded in 1820 when the Rev. John West arrived in Red River to serve as chaplain to the Hudson’s Bay Company officers and men, and as missionary to the aboriginal people of the region. The Cathedral, which is the fourth building on this site, was built in 1927, (the previous churches were built in 1822, 1834 and 1862).

The cemetery was founded prior to the 1817 visit of Lord Selkirk to this part of the world. Meeting with the Selkirk Settlers in May, 1817, the Earl agreed to send them a Minister, and suggested that they build the church in the graveyard. The Settlers were hoping for a Presbyterian, of course, but it was not until 1850 that John Black, the first Presbyterian minister arrived. Until that time, the Settlers were ministered to by Anglican John West and his successors.

Tours of both the Cathedral and the Cemetery are available on request.

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